THAT, AND THE OTHER...


Take Risks.  Dream Deliberately.  Illuminate this Life.


Worth the risk.


Even as a child I was always pushing the limits and breaking the rules in an attempt to find something new.  I had a restless and endless desire for something I couldn't quite name.  It wasn't until after college, and a few years spent in the corporate world, that I got out of my own way, stopped denying what I wanted more than anything, and jumped head-first into photography.  I finally put a name to the ache in my chest I felt each time I looked at beautiful photography- jealousy.  Not of the subject, but of those who were lucky enough to shoot it.  The sense of exhilaration I felt when I left my job, went back to school for photography, and started my own company can only be described as perfect.  When you find your true passion in life everything else begins to fall into place.


(i love) THAT...

Life is provocative.


I have always seen the world for its edge and its sensuality and I consider it a gift to be able to create images that convey those concepts.  Fashion. Beauty. Love. Exploration. Creativity.  I live them and I shoot them.  I want to make images that evoke emotion, passion and thought. Images that truly capture the feeling of that moment in time.  An image with layers and complexities, stories and mysteries.  

A single image can be endless.

The OTHER (things)...

I'll tell you about myself.

- I love photography because it's ever-changing.  There is no sitting still, no          lack of learning, and it keeps me challenged.  I am at my worst when I am        bored.

- I believe that a mixture of determination, ambition, collaboration, laughter,        and humility is the best way to find joy in the way you work and live.

- I love my stilettos and my flip-flops equally.

- I simply cannot (or will not) give up my coffee habit.

- I am still unsure of where to look when people sing "happy birthday" to me.


- I am actively grateful every day for how in love I am with my career.

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